GlobalSCAPE® Online Help Files

Most Globalscape® products are released with in-application help (CHM), online help (WebHelp), and a PDF. Printed guides are not provided, but you can certainly print the PDF or individual help topics. (Right-click within the help topic's frame, then click Print.)

After the product is released, the online help is continually updated as errors and omissions are identified, and the corrections are rolled in to the next application release.

Refer to Knowledgebase article Officially Supported Products and EOL Dates for a list of supported products.

Searching the Online Help Files

When you use the search box on, all versions of all products are found, with the most frequently clicked items appearing at the top of the search results. Therefore, topics for older versions will appear higher up in the search results, simply because they've been online longer.

For targeted searching of a help file, open the help file and use the Search box in the help (not or Google search).

If you are looking for information about DMZ, SAT, AWE, the API, or Mail Express, open that module's help file, rather than searching in EFT's help file.

PDFs of the user guides are available at: However, the online help is updated more often than the PDFs. Therefore, for the most current information, please refer to the online help using the links to the right.

More technical information can also be found in the Knowledgebase.

Click a product version number below to view its online help:

Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™)


Web Transfer Client™ (WTC)

Procedures for administering and using the WTC are provided in the EFT help documentation. The WTC help files below are only for using the WTC.

Mobile Transfer Client (MTC)

EFT Web Admin

EFT Power Tools


Mail Express®

EFT Insight

Advanced Workflow Engine™ (AWE)

DMZ Gateway® (DMZ)

Secure Ad Hoc Transfer™ (SAT)


Secure FTP Server FIPS

Secure FTP Server

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)