About the Transfer Engine

Built on a modular design platform, CuteFTP Professional's FTP Transfer Engine (TE) is completely independent of the main application's interface. The transfer engine (TE) runs invisibly in the background and does most of the real work that CuteFTP does. The TE program allows features such as scheduled transfers to operate in the background while the CuteFTP interface is closed. In CuteFTP Professional, you can interact with the Transfer Engine through an industry-standard COM (Component Object Model) interface using your favorite programming or scripting language, such as Visual Basic, Perl, ASP or JavaScript.

The Transfer Engine:

CuteFTP Pro relies on two executables for file transfers:

The Transfer Engine requires an NT login and will not run as an NT service; however, it is configured by default to start on Windows startup. You can change this setting in the CuteFTP interface Global Options dialog box.

Some of the actions you can accomplish using the TE include:

To access Transfer Engine features

The Transfer Engine starts when the CuteFTP interface opens or on Windows startup when selected in the CuteFTP interface. When the Transfer Engine is started, its icon appears in the Windows system tray.

Transfer Engine Licensing Requirements

The TE is licensed with CuteFTP Professional. The TE is a component of CuteFTP Professional, therefore any computer with a licensed copy of CuteFTP Pro can access the TE through the CuteFTP interface or through its COM interface.