System Requirements

The GlobalSCAPE Quality Assurance (QA) team tested EFT Server and EFT Server Enterprise with a variety of operating systems, software, and hardware. It is possible for EFT Server to function with other software and hardware than those listed below, but is approved for use only with the software/hardware listed below.

EFT Server Requirements

EFT Server Administration Interface Requirements

The administration interface must be installed on the same computer as EFT Server, but also can be installed on other computers for remote administration. (Refer to the ARM, AWE, and AS2 requirements below if you plan to use those modules remotely.)

Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM) Requirements

AS2 Module Requirements

Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) Module Requirements

DMZ Gateway Requirements

Refer to the System RequirementsSystem Requirements in the DMZ Gateway documentation.

Secure Ad Hoc Transfer (SAT) Module

Refer to the System RequirementsSystem Requirements in the Secure Ad Hoc Transfer module documentation.

Web Transfer Client (WTC) Requirements

For information regarding system requirements for the Web Transfer Client, refer to System Requirements for Web Transfer Client.