Globalscape® User Guides in PDF

Most Globalscape® products are released with in-application help (CHM), online help (WebHelp), and a PDF. Printed guides are not provided, but you can certainly print the PDF or individual help topics.

The available guides are listed below. Click the name of the guide to open the PDF. If your browser will not open the PDF, right-click the guide's name, then save the PDF to your computer.

(All file sizes are approximate. The date is the most recently published date, not necessarily the original published date.)

After the product is released, the online help is updated as errors and omissions are identified. Those changes are rolled into the next release's documentation.

Therefore, for the most current information, please refer to the online help.

Last modified: April 25, 2016

EFT (and modules)


Advanced Workflow Engine

Web Transfer Client:

Mobile Transfer Client


Mail Express®

DMZ Gateway®



Secure Ad Hoc Transfer (SAT):

Secure FTP Server