WAFS/CDP Components

WAFS/CDP is comprised of the following components:

The Server acts as the hub, directing traffic, synchronizing mirrors, ensuring file coherency, and resolving any file conflicts. In all deployment scenarios, a single instance of the Server is used.

An Agent is installed on those computers in which data is directly accessed. Agents communicate directly and only with the Server.

Jobs are the basic building blocks of a WAFS deployment. Jobs are a collection of synchronized folders and the links between them. Once an Agent adds a folder on its local computer to a Job, full synchronization is ensured between that folder and folders on other computers that are linked to that same Job. You can create up to 60 Jobs per Agent.

The Vault is the working space on the Server that stores one or more Jobs' current file versions, past versions, deleted files, and log files. The default location is C:\AD.

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