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Introduction to Secure Ad Hoc Transfer

EFT's Secure Ad Hoc Transfer (SAT) module allows your internal users to send and receive large e-mail file attachments to recipients outside of your organization quickly, reliably, and securely, all without having to manually create or maintain FTP accounts on EFT.

Below is a brief overview of what takes place behind the scenes when users send a file.

  1. A user sends an e-mail with an attachment using the SAT send mail page.

  2. SAT creates a new temporary account on EFT. This temporary account is assigned a random username and password, and expires in seven days.

  3. A temporary folder is created and associated with the temporary account. An e-mail is sent to the recipient with a secure hyperlink (HTTPS), and a list of files available for download.

  4. The recipient of the e-mail follows the HTTPS link (with embedded login credentials) and connects to the default HTTPS "plaint text" interface or the Web Transfer Client.

  5. The recipient can now download the files.

  6. The recipient can also upload files if this option is enabled by the sender. When files are uploaded, the sender is notified that the uploaded files can be picked up using the recipient's login credentials. After seven days, the temporary account is removed from EFT's file system.

  7. If Auditing and Reporting is enabled on EFT, all of the transactions associated with the Ad Hoc account are logged.