Retrieving a backup of your Web site file


To retrieve a Web site backup from the FTP server


CuteSITE Builder gives your backup the same name that you used when you saved your

Web site file on your machine, except that the backup will have a .cab file extension,

and your Web site file will have a .tlx extension. For example, if you saved your

site as "MySite", it would be MySite.tlx on your hard drive, and it would be

as a backup on your FTP server.


1. Open your Web browser.

2. In the browser address bar, type your Web site address followed by a "/" and then

 the name of the backup. For example, if your site was named "MySite" and your Web

 address was "", you would type: "".

3. Press the Enter key on your keyboard. A window appears asking if you want to open

 the file or save it.

4. Click Save. The Save As window appears.

5. Choose a place to save the file on your hard drive and click Save. The file is downloaded

 to your computer.




You can also use FTP client software, such as CuteFTP, to download your backup file.







To open a Web site backup


Download your backup file from your FTP server.

Extract your Web site file with compression software such as CuteZIP.

Double click on the extracted file and your site will open in CuteSITE Builder.