Transfer Settings

Many of these controls are intended for advanced users only. For example:

To access transfer settings

  1. On the main menu, click Tools > Global Options (or press ALT+F7).

  2. Expand the Transfer node. The Transfer options appear.

  3. Configure options as described below.

      • EPRT - An extension of PORT command designed for communicating the client’s data connection IPv6 address and port, but used presently used in CuteFTP for communicating its IPv4 address and port. It is useful for negotiation through NAT firewalls..

      • EPSV - An extension of PASV command designed for requesting the server’s data connection port; present CuteFTP assumes IPv4 network protocol and is useful for negotiation through NAT firewalls.

      • EPRT and EPSV were designed for communicating IP and data port information for IPv6 addresses. Until IPv6 is supported in CuteFTP this feature is primarily used for improving firewall traversal of NAT firewalls for secure (FTPS) connections. Read RFC 2428 for more details. Note that each site in the Site Manager is currently able to either inherit global settings for Data Mode or define its own. Therefore the EPRT and EPSV choices are also available at the site level (Site Properties | Type tab).

  1. Click Apply if you are going to make changes to other pages; click OK to save changes and close the Global Options dialog box.