Setting VFS Permissions

After you create a Group, you add users to the Group, then on the VFS tab you add the Group to the Permissions pane, and then set the Group's VFS permissions. You can set permissions by Group or per user. If you specify a home folder when you create a new user, the user has full permission on that folder. Refer to Introduction to the Virtual File System (VFS) and How VFS Permissions Work for details of how virtual folder permissions work.

Any time a new folder is created, it inherits permissions from its parent folder. Using permission inheritance, administrators can make global access changes by simply changing group access in a parent folder. You can modify a folder's permissions even while it is inheriting permissions from a parent folder.

You can specify different permissions for child folders, rather than inheriting all permissions from the parent. When you select or the clear the check box for one or more permissions on a parent folder, then click Apply, a message appears asking whether you want to apply the changes to the child folders also.

To set folder permissions

  1. In the administration interface, connect to EFT Server and click the VFS tab.

  2. In the VFS tree (left pane), click the folder you want to configure. The Permissions area in the right pane displays each of the users and Groups who have permissions defined for the selected folder.

  3. In Permissions area in the right pane, click the user or Group you want to modify or click Add to specify permissions for a user or Group on the selected folder. Refer to Adding a User or Group to VFS Permissions for the procedure for adding a user or Group.

  4. Select or clear the appropriate permission check boxes.

    Modifying a permission affects all subfolders containing the user or Group for which the Inherit permissions from parent folder check box is selected.

  5. (Optional; Available in EFT Server Enterprise and in EFT Server SMB with High Security module) Select the Encrypt contents (EFS) check box. Refer to Streaming Repository Encryption for more information.

  6. Click Apply to save the changes on EFT Server.

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