Display Settings

The display settings determine the way in which toolbars, icons, and fonts appear in dialog boxes.

To configure CuteFTP display settings

  1. On the main menu, click Tools > Global Options (or press ALT+F7).

  2. Expand and click the Display node. The Display options appear.

  3. To specify which toolbars to display, in the Select the toolbars to display list, select the applicable check box.

  4. To add or remove buttons on the toolbar, with a toolbar in the list selected, click Customize selected toolbar. (The Custom Commands and the Quick Connect toolbars cannot be customized.) The Customize Toolbar dialog box appears.

  5. To display the large (32x32 pixel) set of main toolbar icons, select the Show large toolbar icons check box. Clear this check box to display the small (16x16 pixel) set of main toolbar icons.

  6. To hide the Quick Connect toolbar upon connection to a Site, select the Auto-hide Quick Connect bar check box. Clear this to cause the Quick Connect toolbar to stay in view upon connection to a Site.

  7. To display small icons in the menus next to commonly used menu items, select the Display menu icons check box.

  8. To display a thin blue line at the top of the pane that has the focus, select the Highlight active pane check box.

  9. To display borders between rows and columns in the Queue Window, and in the Local and Remote panes when in Detail view, select the Show grid lines on all view panes check box. Clear this check box to hide all borders between rows and columns.

  10. To specify whether to show files in bytes, KB, MB, GB, in the Display File Sizes in box, click one of the following options:

  11. To adjust the font type and size display of all text in the Local Drives tab, Queue Window, and Remote pane, click Local, Remote, Queue Window Font.

  12. To sort file lists by the value of each digit or by whole number values, in the Sorting area, select one of the following options:

  13. Click Apply if you are going to make changes to other pages; click OK to save changes and close the Global Options dialog box.