Resuming Transfers

CuteFTP automatically attempts to resume interrupted transfers caused by lossy connection, server-kicked users, a slow server, and so on. CuteFTP does not auto-resume interrupted transfers when the remote server is unreachable (i.e., there is no connection available, the server is down, or for any other reason). In those situations, you must manually resume the transfer.

In you have not shut down and restarted CuteFTP since the interruption took place, CuteFTP assumes that the transfer is within its original context and attempts to resume it from the point it left off. If the transfer is no longer in the original context, CuteFTP prompts you to overwrite the destination file; that is, to start over. You can set up overwrite rules to tailor such situations to your specific needs.

To resume a stopped transfer

To reset a failed transfer

The shortcut keys ESC or F9 stop active transfers. Press ESC once to stop the last command (be it a transfer or connection request). Press ESC repeatedly to cycle through active transfers and/or connections and stop them one by one. You can also select multiple items in the queue and press ESC to stop them. Press DELETE to stop and remove selected queue items.