Server License Information

When you contact Globalscape Customer Support for assistance, you might be asked to provide your license Information. EFT License Information is displayed in the About dialog box. To avoid errors, you can copy and paste the license information into the e-mail that you send to Support. (Personal assistance is available to licensed users that have an existing, unexpired maintenance and support plan.)

You have to be logged in to the server to view or copy the license information, however, you can view the help file or request online support without logging in.

To copy the license information to the clipboard

  1. On the main menu, click Help > About Globalscape EFT. The About dialog box appears.

  2. Click anywhere within the Server License Information box to select the text, and then click Copy. A message appears, stating that the registration information was copied to the clipboard.

  3. Click OK. You can then paste that information into a text document or e-mail to send to support.