Activating the Software (EFT and Modules)

When the trial period has expired, all remote connections are disallowed. The Continue Trial button changes to Developer Mode and remains in this state until EFT is activated or uninstalled. To allow you to continue evaluating EFT functionality after trial expiration, EFT blocks all incoming client IP addresses other than the localhost from connecting to EFT, either as an administrator or as a client (using FTP/S, SFTP, or HTTP/S protocols). All outgoing (offload/download) requests from EFT's Event Rules are also blocked to any IP address other than localhost. Therefore, when the trial period is over, no external IP addresses can connect to EFT, nor can EFT connect to any external IP addresses.

When the trial period ends for modules for which you did not purchase a license, an information error appears in the Windows Event Log to indicate the module has expired. If the 30-day trial is not sufficient, you may be eligible to extend your trial. Contact your Globalscape account representative for more information.

You must activate the software with a serial number. Each module is available during the EFT trial and must be activated separately.

If you have troubles with activation, refer to Troubleshooting Activation Problems below.

To activate online, you must be connected to the Internet, and activation must be performed through the administration interface on the EFT computer. You cannot activate through a remote installation of the administration interface.

After you activate a product, the "Activate" text for that product on the Help menu is dimmed/unavailable.

If a firewall or a proxy server is in use, your network administrator should ensure that outbound port 80 is open during the registration process.

To activate EFT and/or add-on modules via the Internet

  1. Start the administration interface and provide your EFT administrator credentials (created at installation). The Welcome message appears.

  2. Do one of the following:

    The Registration Wizard appears. A portion of the wizard for EFT Enterprise is shown below, but the process is the same for each of the modules:

  3. In the Serial Number box, provide your serial number, and then click Next.

  4. You should receive a message confirming online activation. Click OK. Activation is complete. (If registration fails, try entering your serial number again or you might need to configure an HTTP proxy.)

Troubleshooting Activation Problems

If you have problems with online registration, visit Globalscape Customer Support, at

If activation fails, try the following resolutions:

If you do not have Internet access on the EFT computer:

  1. Complete registration information in the Registration Wizard, as usual:

    1. Serial number

    2. Registered to information on next page

  2. Click the option to email registration request.

  3. Open up a text editor.

  4. Paste the content from the Clipboard into the new blank text document.

  5. Save this document and transfer it to a computer that has Internet access.

  6. Copy the information from the text document and paste it into the form found at this address:

  7. Click Register Me.

  8. This will either download a REG file or output the information within the browser, depending on the browser that you use.

  9. With the service NOT running, double-click the REG file to merge the key to the registry.

  10. Restart the EFT server service. When you log in to the administration interface, you should see that it is registered when you click Help > About.

  11. Repeat these steps for any additional modules that need to be registered.

Alternatively, you can email the content of the Clipboard to You will receive a .REG file from Globalscape Support.

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