Performance Counters

EFT can publish a series of counters to Window’s Performance Monitor. Counters are used to provide information as to how well a system is performing. This data can help administrators better understand crucial performance metrics and size the requirements of their EFT infrastructure as new requirements are placed on the system.

To view EFT counters

  1. Click Start, in the Search box, type perfmon, and then click Performance Monitor.

  2. In the navigation pane, expand Monitoring Tools, click Performance Monitor.

  3. Click anywhere In the right pane, then click Add Counters.

  4. In the Add counters dialog box, scroll through the alphabetized list to find EFT counters.

  5. Click the counters, click Add >>, then click OK.

  6. Clear or select the check boxes that you want to hide or show.

Refer to for more information about using Performance Monitor.