AS2 Events

In AS2 Inbound Transaction Succeeded and AS2 Inbound Transaction Failed Events, the FS.FILE_NAME variable contains the name of the file uploaded (for a simple transaction) or an empty string (for a Multiple Attachment (MA) transaction).

AS2 Events can take these variables


Label (can appear in e-mail notification)


AS2 Properties

AS2 Payload




AS2 Local MIC


AS2 Remote MIC


AS2 Message ID


AS2 Host


AS2 Transaction Error


AS2 Transaction Result


AS2 Transaction Verbose


AS2 Direction


AS2 Partner ID


AS2 EFT Server ID


AS2 Content Type


Event Properties

Event Time


Event Time Stamp


Event Date Stamp


Event Name


Event Rule Name


Event Time Stamp (milliseconds)


Event Transaction ID


File System Properties

Report File


Report Content


Report File Name


User Properties

User (Group)


Logon Name


Logon Password


Account Enabled


Settings Template


Full Name






Email Address


Phone Number


Pager Number


Fax Number


Home Folder


Home folder is root


Quota Max


Quota Used


Invalid login attempts


User can change password


Home IP


User can connect using SSL


User can connect using FTP


User can connect using SFTP


Last Login Date


Password Expiration Date


User Must Change Password at Next Login


Account Expiration Date


Account Locked Out


Custom Field 1, 2, 3


Connection Properties

HTTP Query String


HTTP Headers List


Site Properties

Site name


Account Management URL


Site Running


Source Properties
(used in Copy/Move and Download Action)

Source file name without extension


Source file name with extension


Server Properties

Server Running


Log Type


Log Location


Node Name


Install Directory


Transfer Properties

Transfer Rate


Transfer Bytes


Transfer Seconds