Connection Problems

If you are having problems connecting to EFT, verify the following information:

If the EFT service is not running, you may be able to start the service remotely.

When files are being transferred with Event Rules (copy, move, or download), if there are connection problems (e.g., the network is unavailable), EFT will attempt to establish a connection the number of times specified in the Event Rule. When EFT is able to re-establish the connection, it continues to transfer the file from where it stopped, even if there are multiple interruptions. There are no retry attempts after a login failure.  

If the network is lost while the Web Transfer Client is transferring files, it waits for a timeout period (30 seconds) and then shows a red X for the transfer. The Status in the queue pane indicates that the transfer failed. If you want to attempt to transfer the file again, you must login again when the network is available. After the Web Transfer Client reconnects, it resumes the transfer from where it stopped.