Delegated Administration

EFT allows you to assign sub administrator accounts that have a very specific subset of permissions for managing EFT, COM, Site(s), Settings Templates, user accounts, user passwords, and reports. Permissions are assigned to sub-administrators via a series of controls on the server's Administration tab. For example, suppose you want to give your help-desk people the ability to create user accounts on EFT, but you are worried that the help-desk might accidentally make changes to EFT in the process of creating these accounts. Furthermore, you do not want the help desk people to manage user accounts that belong to the engineering and marketing groups. Delegated administration allows you to create one or more sub-administrator accounts that have access ONLY to user accounts management. Using templates to house marketing, engineering, and other department accounts, you can further limit the sub-administrators to only those accounts for departments that they are authorized to manage. Also, each of the sub accounts can be allowed or denied access to COM and/or Auditing and Reporting.

The available sub administrator account types include:

All administrator accounts are treated equally with respect to password expiration, reset, and removal of inactive accounts.

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