How Settings Templates Work

Settings Templates exist within a Site and consist of a group of security and access-control settings used as a template. Every client account or user must be a member of a Settings Template. Each new user is assigned to a Settings Template whose settings determine how EFT resources may be used. One Settings Template might be quite restrictive, while another might allow more access to resources. For example, power users would be assigned to a Settings Template allowing greater flexibility in using EFT resources while guest users would be assigned to a more restrictive template where use of EFT resources is very limited. Settings Templates allow an administrator to make changes to the Settings Template that affect all users assigned to that template. The basic profile of individual users can also be changed, overriding the template. Users can also be moved between Settings Templates; users that are moved inherit the properties of the new Settings Template, but retain any modifications (overrides) made by the administrator.


EFT installs with one Settings Template named Default Settings. Additional Settings Templates can be added to define access to EFT resources for various types of users. You cannot delete the Default Template when it is the only Settings Template.

Settings Templates apply to the Server resources. Use permissions assigned to Groups to control access to folders on your system.

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