Default Paths

EFT allows you to change the default the location of some of its configuration files.

If your existing data path is set to the same path as your EFT installation directory, then do NOT follow these steps. Instead, contact support for assistance.

To specify the file path for configuration files (local cache)

  1. On the computer on which EFT is installed, as a precaution, back up EFT's configuration, and make note of the backup location:

  2. Open the administration interface and connect to EFT.

  3. On the Server tab, click the Server whose configuration settings you want to change.

  4. In the right pane, click the General tab.

  5. Under Server configuration settings, make note of the current path. If an error occurs, you will need to change it back to the original path. (e.g., copy and paste into a text file).

  6. In the Server configuration settings box, provide the new path at which you want to store EFT's configuration files.

  7. Click Apply to save the changes. A message appears indicating that you need to restart the EFT service for the changes to take effect.

  8. Click OK to dismiss the message, then STOP the EFT service (NOT restart).

  9. In Windows Explorer copy (do NOT move) the entire contents (files and folders) from the original path to the new path.

  10. After you have copied the server configuration to the new location, start the EFT service.

  11. Open the administration interface and connect to EFT.

  12. Each of the Sites and other customizations should be visible. Verify that the path in Server configuration settings is the new path.

If the Server Setup wizard or Site Setup wizard appears, that means there was an error connecting to the new configuration path or you missed a step in this procedure.

To correct this, do one of the following:

Once you've verified everything is back to the original configuration (after logging in), retry each of the steps above, making sure to carefully follow each step.

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