Account Security Settings Dialog Box

The Account Security Settings dialog box is used to lock out an administrator account, unlock an administrator account, and delete an inactive administrator account automatically (requires the ASM), and change the administration interface session timeout for a specific administrator account.

To open the Account Security Settings dialog box

  1. In the administration interface, connect to EFT and click the Server tab.

  2. On the Server tab, click the Server node you want to configure, then click the Administration tab.

  3. Click any administrator account name (except Local computer\Administrators), and then click Account Policy. The Account Security Settings dialog box appears.

  4. Do one of the following:

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  6. Click Apply to save the changes on EFT.

A change in any date-sensitive value resets the calculations. For example, if this feature was configured for 60 days, and you change it to 90 days, the count resets to zero, so that any inactive account that has been inactive for 59 days and was set to be deleted tomorrow, will now not be considered inactive until 90 days from today.

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