The Settings Template inherits settings from the Site, and a user initially shares the settings of the Settings Template in which the account was created. You can override inherited settings by clearing or selecting the check box. The link icon to the left of the check box indicates whether the setting is inherited from the parent.




Check box selected


Check box cleared

Inherit from parent; parent enabled

Check box selected with inherit icon

Inherit from parent; parent disabled

Check box cleared with inherit icon

Non-editable, value is enabled

Check box selected but disabled

Non-editable, value is disabled

Check box cleared but disabled

You can change a user’s Settings Template by dragging and dropping the user into a different Settings Template, or using the procedure in Moving a User to a Different Settings Template. The account's inherited settings change to reflect the settings of its new Settings Template; however, if a user account contains modified (overridden) settings and is moved to a new Settings Template, those modifications remain in effect at the new Settings Template.