Execute Advanced Workflow Action

(Requires the Advanced Workflow Engine module, available in EFT Enterprise.) With Advanced Workflow Actions, EFT does not wait for a reply before returning control to the Event Rule thread, unless an "if failed" Action was specified, such as Stop Processing this Rule, in which case the Action waits for a return message indicating success or failure from the invoked process.

To add a Workflow to an Event Rule

  1. Create a Workflow.

  2. Create an Event Rule.

  3. In the Actions list, click Execute Advanced Workflow. The Action is added to the Rule.

  4. In the Rule Builder, double-click the Advanced Workflow link. The Advanced Workflow dialog box appears.

  5. The defined Workflows appear in alphabetical order in the Choose a workflow to execute list (at the top of the Advanced Workflow dialog box). Click the down arrow to select a Workflow.

  6. (Optional) Specify custom parameters to pass to the Workflow in the Name and Value columns, and then click Add.

  7. Click OK. The Advanced Workflow link in the Rule Builder updates with the name of the Workflow.

  8. Add other Actions as needed, and then click Apply to save the changes on EFT.

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