File Uploaded Event

Suppose you want to be sent an e-mail each time any user uploads a file to EFT, and you want to include information about the user account that uploaded the file.

To define the Event Rule

  1. Create a File Uploaded Event Rule.

  2. Add an E-mail Notification Action.

  3. In the Message of the e-mail, add the desired user variables, such as %USER.LOGIN%, %USER.EMAIL%, and %USER.PHONE%. For example:

  4. Click Apply.

With this very simple Rule, an e-mail is sent whenever any user uploads a file to EFT. You can further customize the Rule to suit your needs:

Defining the E-Mail with User Details

The default e-mail body contains a table. If you can edit HTML and if the account that the e-mail is sent to accepts HTML e-mails, you can format the e-mail to suit your needs. Review your tags carefully, however, since no HTML code verification is performed by EFT.

Using the example code above, when a user with the username jbite uploads a file, the following e-mail might be sent:

This message was sent to you automatically by EFT on the following Event: File Uploaded.

Server Local Time
: 12/5/2007 14:00:00
E-mail Address
Account Expiration Date
: 12/1/2008 11:59:59
File Name
: file.txt
: C:\InetPub\EFTRoot\Standard\Usr\jbite