User Events

  • It is possible for a new account to be in a disabled state when the User Account Created event fires. Typically this occurs when using AD or LDAP authentication. When a synchronization occurs with the user data source, EFT creates the necessary users on the Site, but if the user is disabled in the user data source, then the new user account will be created in a disabled state. You can use the If Account Enabled Condition if the enable/disable state is part of the Action(s) you want to trigger.

  • On an Active-Active (HA) cluster configuration, be sure to add the "If node name" condition to avoid multiple actions, such as email notifications


... can take these variables


Label (can appear in e-mail notification)


Event Properties

Event Time


Event Time Stamp


Event Date Stamp


Event Name


Event Rule Name


Event Time Stamp (including milliseconds)


Event Transaction ID


File System Properties

Report File


Report Content


Report File Name


User Properties



Logon Name


Logon Password


Settings Template


Full Name






Email Address


Phone Number


Pager Number


Fax Number


Home Folder


Home folder is root


Quota Max


Quota Used


Invalid login attempts


User can change password


Home IP


User can connect using SSL


User can connect using FTP


User can connect using SFTP


Last Login Date


Password Expiration Date


User Must Change Password at Next Login


Account Expiration Date


Account Locked Out


Custom Field 1, 2, 3


Connection Properties

Remote IP


Local IP


Local Port




Using Web Transfer Client


Site Properties

Site name


Account Management URL


Site Running


Server Properties

Server Running


Log Type


Log Location


Node Name


Install Directory