Allowing Multipart Transfers (COMB Command)

EFT supports multi-part transfers from advanced FTP clients such as CuteFTP. The user must have appropriate privileges and be authorized to connect multiple times concurrently. The connecting client takes care of most details, including splitting the file apart, sending the multiple parts, and then requesting that the Server to join them again upon receipt.

To allow or block multipart transfers

  1. Open the FTP Settings dialog box.

  2. Do one of the following:

  3. Click OK to close the FTP Settings dialog box.

  4. Click Apply to save the changes on EFT.

How does the COMB command work?

The COMB command joins the parts back together. The benefits of segmented (multi-part) and concurrent delivery for accelerated transfers include:

The COMB command is a proprietary command and is not defined nor endorsed by any FTP-related RFC; however, the command can be integrated with other servers using the following syntax:

COMB <TF> <SF 1> ... <SF n>


<TF> is the path to target file, which will contain the combined data from the source parts.

<SF #> are the source files (parts).

Which means combine n source files (SF 1...n) into one file (TF).

Notes regarding the COMB command:

Examples of using the COMB command: