Specifying a PASV IP or PASV Port Range

If EFT is behind a firewall or NAT device, you may need to specify EFT's IP address or range of ports used when issuing IP:PORT information to clients.

If you specify a PASV (passive) mode port range, you must open the same range of ports on your firewall.

To specify a PASV connection through a range of ports

  1. Open the FTP Settings dialog box.

  2. Select the Assign PASV mode IP address check box.

  3. In the IP box, specify the Site's IP address as it should be seen by those outside of your network.

    This usually applies to SSL sessions when the NAT or firewall device cannot see nor properly map the internal IP address to connect to EFT. This also applies if the NAT or firewall device is misconfigured. You should first try connecting to EFT with this box left as is.

  4. In the Port Range boxes, specify the range of ports EFT uses for PASV connections.

    Use this setting primarily to limit the amount of ports used for the data connection portion of the session, especially when the firewall or NAT device was configured to only allow traffic on certain ports.

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  6. Click Apply to save the changes on EFT.