Allowing Client Anti-Timeout Schemes (NOOP)

Many FTP clients send random commands such as REST 0, PWD, TYPE A, LIST, etc., to the FTP server to keep the session alive while the client is idle. Many FTP clients send a NOOP command to EFT during idle times to keep the connection alive. You can choose whether to allow the NOOP command. If you disallow the NOOP command, it will be considered an invalid command and treated according to your settings under Disconnect after <n> invalid commands.

To allow or disallow the NOOP command

  1. Open the FTP Settings dialog box.

  2. Select the Allow FTP client anti-timeout schemes check box to allow the NOOP command or clear the check box to treat the NOOP command as an invalid command. (Selected by default.)

    If you are banning users who send excessive invalid commands while treating NOOP as an invalid command, then you will be banning users for sending the NOOP command. You may later allow the user to connect by removing their IP address from the Site's list in the IP Access tab. A gray check box in a user account indicates that the account is inheriting parameters from the Settings Template.

  3. Click OK to close the dialog box.

  4. Click Apply to save the changes on EFT.