High Availability Overview

EFT Enterprise’s High Availability (HA) solution can protect your critical business processes and ensure that crucial file transfer systems are always on, and that employees, customers, and business partners experience seamless availability of critical applications and information.

EFT Enterprise with HA can:

EFT Enterprise’s active-active deployment provides HA using multiple instances of EFT Enterprise and a load balancer for non-stop availability of your network. And unlike active-passive failover clusters, all of the nodes in EFT Enterprise’s active-active deployment are put to work in production—with no standby hardware, and no clustering software.

Interoperable with Common Load Balancers

With EFT Enterprise HA, you can control spikes in network traffic, minimize scalability limitations, and maximize the efficiency of large and complex environments. Globalscape’s high availability solution is compatible with most major load balancers.

In addition, Globalscape is a member of the F5® Technology Alliance Program, providing a proven managed file transfer solution for interoperability of F5 BIG IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (BIG-IP LTM®) with Globalscape’s managed file transfer platform, Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise with High Availability (HA), to secure enterprise data at rest and in transit, without interruption.

What’s the difference between active-active and active-passive load balancing?