Configuring Message Options in Outlook

You can configure message options for all e-mails or for a specific email. In each email that you send, you can specify message options that pertain to that email only, overriding the default send options. You can make these settings stricter, but not less strict. Each procedure is described below.

Use the Message Options dialog box to specify whether the EFT Outlook Add-in should:

To configure message options to apply to ALL e-mails

  1. On the EFT Outlook Add-In toolbar/ribbon, click Message Options. The Message Options dialog box appears.


  2. On the Default Send Options tab, specify expiration, authentication, and notification options.

  3. If you want EFT to manage embedded attachments, such as a signature logo, select the Manage embedded attachments check box.

  4. On the Offline behavior tab, specify the following options:


  5. Click OK to save your changes, or click Cancel if you do not want to save your changes.

To configure send options for a specific email

  1. Create the email as you normally do.

  2. In the EFT Outlook Add-In area, click the options you want to change just for this email.

  3. In the Send Options dialog box, you can specify the following options:

  4. Click OK to save your changes or Cancel if you do not want to save your changes.