Sending Files with the Outlook Add-In

If you have ever sent an email with attachments, you already know how to use the Outlook Add-in. Create the email, attach one or more files to the email, then click Send. You will continue to send and receive emails as always; the only difference is that the Outlook Add-in works transparently in the background to transfer the emails that have attachments.

Sending the email can fail in the following situations:

To send a file

  1. Create an email as usual.

  2. Attach the file to the email using the EFT Outlook Add-in Offload Attachments button.

  3. (Optional) Click one or more of the following options:

  4. Click Send. The email the recipient will receive a delivery notification.

  5. The recipient can download the attachment "package" from the Web Transfer Client.

  6. If the attachment does not appear, the recipient might need to click the refresh icon. Select the check box next to the file, then click the Download icon. The file is saved to the recipient's browser downloads folder.