Sharing Folders (Creating a Workspace)

You can invite internal and external users to share your folders, if the EFT administrator enables and configures Workspaces to do so. To share folders, the administrator has to have enabled Workspaces in the EFT administration interface on the Workspaces tab of the Site. Workspace participants who were invited to share a Workspace cannot add participants to that folder. However, they can create new folders.

The invitation recipient clicks the link embedded in the email and then signs in to EFT (if an account has previously been created), or creates an account on EFT.

To share a folder

  1. Log in to the Web Transfer Client.

  2. Select the check box of the folder that you want to share, then click the Share Folder icon , or click File > Share Folder. The Create a Workspace dialog box appears.

  3. Provide up to 10 email addresses of users with whom you want to share the folder. (You can later add more participants, 10 at a time. To add more than 10, the EFT administrator can edit the WTC files. Refer to the Knowledgebase for details.)

  4. To create a private workspace, select the Make this workspace private check box. When a Workspace is private, the Alerts/Notification icon, the Workspace participants icon, and the comments icon are hidden from the recipient.

  5. Assign permissions by clearing or selecting the check box next to that permission. By default, all permissions are selected (enabled). Clear the check boxes of the permissions that you do not want to assign to the users.

    The administrator can specify which permissions check boxes are selected by default, if any. The sharing user can still select the check box to enable the permission. Refer to Workspaces Permissions for details. Permissions that the administrator assigns to folders override any permissions that you assign. That is, if the folder that you are sharing does not have rename permission, you cannot assign that permission to the folder.

  6. (Optional) In the Messages box, you can type comments. When you create a Workspace, the comment that you type in the Messages box appears in the invitation email.

  7. In the Notifications box, you can specify the type and frequency of email notifications about this Workspace.

  8. (Optional) To expire the Workspace, select the Workspace expiration check box, and then specify the expiration. The limit is specified in the administration interface on the Workspaces tab of the Site. (Alternatively, there is a Stop Sharing icon in the WTC toolbar.) The default expiration date appears, when defined in the administration interface on the Workspaces tab.

  9. Click Share. A banner appears at the top of the folder list indicating that you are sharing the folder as a Workspace.

    The users with whom you have shared the folder will see the shared folder in their Shared with Me tree. The username of the account that is sharing the Workspace appears in parentheses after the name of the folder (e.g., EFTWebAdmin (Imauser1)).

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