Using the Drop-Off Portal

The Drop-Off portal can be used by external users to send files to internal users on demand (ad hoc), without creating user credentials.

A Workspaces license is consumed for each Drop-off portal message no matter how many recipients the message has. A license is not consumed on replies. A license is not consumed on Send Portal messages. You can avoid Workspaces licenses being consumed by the Drop-off portal by disabling the Drop-off portal. It is not enabled by default.

When someone uses the drop-off portal, that person becomes a "Workspaces owner." This is because behind the scenes, a temporary, anonymous account is created to host the Workspace, thus consuming a license (assigned to that account). Once the space expires, the anonymous account is also removed, and the license is released to the pool.

To send a file using the Drop-Off portal

  1. In your browser, go to the URL provided. (Your administrator or internal user will provide the address.) The Drop-Off portal appears.

  2. The To box is not editable, unless the administrator has enabled it. If the To box is enabled, you are limited to addresses in the domains defined by the administrator or to lists defined in the EFT administration interface.

  3. In the From box, provide the email address at which you want to receive responses.

  4. In the Subject box, provide a clear topic of the email. (i.e., "Files for Wednesday's Acme project meeting" is more clear than "The files you wanted.")

  5. In the Message box, provide a brief reason for the email.

  6. Drag and drop or select the files to attach to the email.

  7. (In 7.4.5 and later) To send the request securely, select the Send message body securely check box.

  8. Click Send Message. A confirmation message appears.

  9. If you want to send another file, click Send Another.

  10. The recipient will receive an email with a download link. If the recipient has an account on EFT and signs in to the Pick-Up portal, the recipient can reply to the sender.