Workspaces Events

Use Workspaces Events in Event Rules if you want to be notified or cause other Actions to occur when a Workspace is create or deleted, when a use is invited to join or joins a Workspace, or when a user is removed from a Workspace.


Suppose you want to know when a user joins a Workspace. You would create an Event Rule using the User Joins Workspace Event, and add the Email Notification Message. In the email, you could add the variables Workspace Physical Path, Workspace Name, Workspace Participants List, and Workspace Owner. Then, whenever a user joins a Workspace, you would get an email telling you all the information you would need to know about the Workspace, including the information about the user who joined the Workspace. You could also create a custom report and define the Event Rule to generate a report automatically once per month that lists each of the Workspaces and their participants.

Workspace Events ...

... can take these variables


Label (can appear in e-mail notification)


Event Properties

Event Time


Event Time Stamp


Event Date Stamp


Event Name


Event Rule Name


Event Time Stamp (including milliseconds)


Event Transaction ID


Connection Properties

Remote IP


Local IP


Local Port




Using Web Transfer Client


HTTP Query String


HTTP Headers List


Site Properties

Site name


Account Management URL


Site Running


Server Properties


Server Running


Log Type


Log Location


Node Name


Install Directory


Workspace Properties


Workspace Physical Path


Workspace Virtual Path


Workspace Name


Workspace Participant List


Workspace Owner


Workspace Owner Email Address