Downloading Files

You can download files from the server to your local computer on which you have download permission. The mechanism for downloading files is browser dependent. This is, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox each has its own mechanism for downloading files.

  • The HTML5 version of the Web Transfer Client does not support a CRC-check for downloaded files because of the limited access of html/js to the client file system. The process of initiating a download is human driven and can NOT be intercepted by a JavaScript API; it is wholly managed by the browser itself, for security reasons. Further, the browser cannot arbitrarily read files on the local file system (for obvious security reasons), so EFT cannot read contents of downloaded files to do CRC32, and thus cannot issue a follow-up HEAD request to verify the integrity of the download.

  • The default download timeout of 60 seconds can be increased if needed (as of v7.4.11).

To download files

To open your browser's Downloads folder: