Logging Activity

All activity in the client is logged in the server. You can view the log of events in the client and export the log to send to the administrator for troubleshooting.

To view the log

  1. Click Tools > Log.

    The log appears:

To export the log

  1. Click the Export icon in the title of the log window. The log is exported to an HTML file in your browser.

  2. Click anywhere in the HTML page of the log, and then:

To change logging settings

  1. Click Tools > Log Options.

    The Log Options dialog box appears.

  2. The default logging level is INFO. to increase or decrease the level of logging, click the desired level. Not that each logging level will include the logging levels below it. For example, INFO includes all WARN, ERROR, and FATAL messages.

  3. Click OK to accept your changes and close the dialog box.