Logging In to Administer EFT

You can log in to EFT locally or remotely (if configured) via the EFT administration interface, via the COM API, at a command line, or using a Windows shortcut. This topic discusses logging in via the administration interface. These instructions assume that EFT has been configured and the EFT service is running. For instructions for installing a remote administration interface, refer to Installing the Administration Interface Remotely.

To log in to EFT

  1. Do one of the following:

  2. Click the Authentication box and specify the type of authentication to use for this login. Future connections will default to the authentication type that you specify during this initial login, but you can choose a different type. Authentication types include:

  3. When logging in with EFT Server Authentication or Windows Authentication, in the Username and Password boxes, provide the login credentials that you created during installation, and then click Connect.

    If your login fails, make sure you've selected the corrected authentication type.