Upgrading the Software

Refer to the Globalscape Knowledgebase topic #11194 for more information about upgrading EFT.

For upgrading to v8.x, refer to the What's New topic.

The following changes upon upgrading from EFT v7.4.x to EFT v8.x should be noted:

EFT Insight

  • EFT v8.0.x works with EFT Insight v1.0.7.4550 or later

Advanced Workflow Engine

  • The Advanced Workflow tasks in versions prior to v8 were stored on EFT in the form of AML files. In v8 and later, they are stored in the SQLite database files. If you are using the Task Action in AWE, which is an AWE task that is calling another AWE task, you will need to export the AML files to a location that EFT can access.


  • Customizations in the v7.4.x client interface do not carry over upon upgrade to v8.x. You should back up everything BEFORE upgrading, then you can apply your custom logo, theme.json file, and any customizations after the upgrade.

  • Some portals were not updated with the new look and feel. Those changes are expected in subsequent releases.

  • In v8.0.0 and 8.0.1, the send portal does not provide an option to select files in your Workspace; you can only select files on the hard drive. In v8.0.2, you can select Workspace files.

  • EFT v8.x does not support UPLOADS from CAC-authenticated users when using Chrome or Edge browsers. Firefox (and possibly other browsers) will work.

Administration Interface

  • The Site > General tab and Server > General tab (anywhere that Last modified by is displayed) will report Last modified by as "EFTUpgrade" after upgrading

  • The Site > Workspaces tabs have been consolidated into the Site > Web tab

  • On the Server > General tab, the Server configuration settings box is not editable. EFT configuration is now stored in a database file.

  • Removed email address from User > General tab

  • Optional permission on Server > administration tab to give administrator accounts permission to manage personal data for users

  • Added User Account Details Template on Site > Security tab to apply GDPR-related privacy settings to all user accounts on a Site

  • Added ability to resize SSH Key Manager dialog box and Advanced Workflow dialog box

SSH keys

  • Upon upgrade from 7.4.x to 8.x, ALL SSH keys are moved into each Site-specific key manager

  • The SFTP private key is pulled from the key manager

  • Upon upgrading to v8.0.4, EFT will enable the following ciphers:

    • aes256-gcm@openssh.com

    • aes128-gcm@openssh.com

    • rijndael-cbc@lysator.liu.se

    • aes192-ctr

    • aes192-cbc


  • OpenPGP key pairs are defined and managed on a Site instead of the Server

  • PGP keyring (pubring.pgp and secring.pgp) are stored in SiteConfig<GUID>.db

  • At EFT server service startup, a PGP folder is created in the \ProgramData\Globalscape\EFT folder

  • Upon upgrading from a 7.4.x version to EFT v8, ALL PGP key rings are cloned into each Site keyring

  • Upon upgrading a legacy server, key rings are cloned into each site keyring.

  • Added "Sites" combo box to OpenPGP Keyring dialog box; Removed "Sites" combo box from OpenPGP Key Generation wizard; Removed OpenPGP Settings dialog box.‚Äč


Advanced Properties

  • Non-default registry settings are moved to AdvancedProperties.json

  • EFT caches all Advanced Properties on service startup and purges legacy Advanced Properties from the registry

  • The following registry keys have been removed from the Advanced Property list

    • AppDataPath

    • DefaultCfgPath

    • Cluster and SharedFolder; these two are located in Cluster.json now

HA Configuration

  • In EFT v8.x and later, you have the option to store logs on the cluster shared drive; the log naming convention now allows for that

EFT Configuration

  • Upon upgrade, EFT settings are transitioned from SiteConfig<GUID>.db and ServerConfig.db

    • These Server-level settings are now stored in SiteConfig<GUID>.db

      • General Tab

      • administration Tab

      • Security Tab

      • SMTP Tab

      • Logs Tab

      • HA Tab

      • CIC Tab

    • These Site-level settings are now stored in SiteConfig<GUID>.db

      • General Tab

      • Connections Tab

      • Security Tab

      • Gateway Tab

  • EFT will request administrator credentials on Server Config Restore. If credentials are invalid, restoration will fail.

  • Restore from previous versions of EFT are forbidden. EFT now only supports restoration from the same version of EFT.


  • When upgrading from 7.4.x to 8.0.x, the ODBC schema has changed. If you are using ODBC as the authentication database, then you will need to consult with Globalscape Support so we can assist with the manual process necessary to get EFT updated and running.


  • LDAP search timeout now applies also to search timeout. The default value is 60 seconds.


  • When you create a Site, you are able to specify the use of SFTP and browse for a key. After the Site is created and you click on SFTP config (on the Site > Connections tab), you cannot browse the file system to find a key. Instead, you are taken to the SSH Key Manager.

Content Integrity Control (CIC)

  • Upon upgrade, legacy server level CIC profiles will be cloned into each Site. CIC profiles are now site-level

Remote Agent Upgrading

  • When upgrading a GA EFT Server to the latest 8.0 EFT Server, Remote Agents will not auto-update to the new version. You need to have the patched Remote Agent msi and executable before you can update to the latest 8.0 agents. You will need to enroll the agents with the patched versions before proceeding.