Upgrading the Software

Refer to the Globalscape Knowledgebase topic #11194 for information about upgrading EFT. See also Known Issues.

The following changes upon upgrading from EFT v7.4.x to EFT v8.x should be noted:

EFT Insight

Advanced Workflow Engine


Administration Interface



Advanced Properties

HA Configuration

EFT Configuration




Content Integrity Control (CIC)

Remote Agent Upgrading

As Designed

They items listed below are labeled bugs, but they aren't broken features, just different behavior than in a previous version.

BUG 369320 - Restoring cluster "shared data only" will also restore node-specific items

BUG 368000 - Advanced Properties data is no longer present in the EFT.log file; changed/ non-default settings are shown in the log at EFT service start

BUG 369297 - Unexpected prompt when attempting a restore server configuration; you must enter the current admin's credentials

BUG 369489 - Pressing ENTER on Site delete after entering admin credentials will delete the site; no confirmation

BUG 369979 - Requirement does not mention a new PGP folder being created in EFT config directory

BUG 370041 - Internet Explorer displaying the Google reCAPTCHA without having the CSFHeaderOverride in the Advanced Properties

BUG 370061 - When creating OpenPGP key, I do not have the ability to select which site

BUG 370254 - Upgrading from previous GA enables Manage personal data on all existing administrator accounts

BUG 370338 - EU Data subject status – Dynamic text update “Set by system on [datetime]” not updating when condition is met for the second time

BUG 370470 - ODBC sites are not pulling the users & EFT log reports an SQL query failed

BUG 370474 - When the User Database is refreshed For ODBC sites, the Admin user is disconnected from the server.

BUG 370805 - VFS tree in config.db missing Bin, Incoming, and Pub folders

BUG 370932 - Admin User is able to modify the Display name for all attributes on the user account details template

BUG 370965 - User Account Details – Personal Data attribute value displayed on mouse over changes dynamically for existing users

BUG 371050 - LDAP site is not pulling all attributes from AD server

BUG 371055 - Mouse wheel scrolling changes setting in the GDPR Configuration menu

BUG 371133 - Can’t Import legacy event rule “High Availability Eligible Backup Note” Error message displayed

BUG 371136 - Can’t Import client event rules on or

BUG 371273 - GDPR – GDIA Input Text boxes can hold up to 30k characters

BUG 371311 - GDRP will display user name but mask full name in the user profile

BUG 371326 - EFT UI does not provide a way to determine what site the key pair is being added to

BUG 371346 - GDPR – Compliance Reports format inconsistency

BUG 371376 - SSH key Manager – Displays Key pair as not having Private Key

BUG 371447 - Changes to the Display name of an attribute are not reflected in WTC

BUG 371465 - The default ToS and PP is in Latin

BUG 371522 - Article 18: Right to restrict Toast/dialog AC discrepancies

BUG 371596 - changes to Personal Account Details are lost when LDAP users database refreshes

BUG 371600 - Advanced Property json is not available until the service starts

BUG 371650 - ESM/ASM module disabled - can still change EU data subject with event rule

BUG 371676 - ESM/ASM module disabled after trial - Admin changes are not audited

BUG 371808 - ToS/PP not working on the portals, just the main and registration pages

BUG 371884 - "Bad Certificate" error when attempting to download a file using Chrome

BUG 372127 - EFT auditing changes to EU/PP/ToS status as SetBy Event Rule

BUG 372217 - EFT fails to set Privacy Policy value for "NO EU" data subject users

BUG 372253 - Limitation: A user cannot send a select file from a shadowfax session (i.e., Send Portal)

BUG 372277 - EFT Site status will report last modified by "EFTUpgrade" after upgrade

BUG 372279 - EDGE: When clicking on "Request a file" or "Send a file" icon, the user has to authenticate to see the new form

BUG 372303 - WTC prompt implies you can upload an empty folder when you can't

BUG 372347 - Workspaces In-Progress uploading count displays incorrect number

BUG 372497 - EFT only keeps the first change made to the user Account details attribute “Default Value”

BUG 372503 - Admin user can modify User account details on an AD Site using the “Default Value” option

BUG 372568 - EFT admins are able to restore a backup that contained different credentials

BUG 372640 - Expired workspace invitation will take you to the registration page then tell you it is expired after you try to create account

BUG 372729 – Site admin denied read permissions on Event Rule not refreshing until GUI restart (this is pretty much normal behavior as the logged in user has to re-login to see the refresh)

BUG 372998 - Activity – Session Lifecycle Report includes the admin user sessions

BUG 373036 - Advanced Property to show user full name no longer present in EFT 8, but still resides in registry after upgrade

BUG 373081 - EFT Full user name is not displayed in WTC even when workspaces and admin-configuration file edited

BUG 373179 - Send, request, Dropoff portals do not show the translated screens.

BUG 373254 - When a rescind is issued by a Shadowfax user and the ER user action is to terminate the HTTPS session, the result is a very poor user experience.

BUG 373285 - Registration wizard missing Configure HTTP Proxy button

BUG 373288 - Serial number mismatch message is now a separate window and not part of the Wizard GUI

BUG 373352 - EFT monthly subscription after 7 day expiration grace period was able to register as a perpetual license

BUG 373374 - Advanced Workflow conditions are present on an subscription EFT Server

BUG 373460 - Performance Counter - Templates is reporting an incorrect count (always +1)

BUG 373491 - GDPR ToS and PP labels/agreements are not localized in V1

BUG 373536 - CAC authentication not working in Edge; it displays a 404 Object not found error

BUG 373595 - AWE Trial is still 30-days, when the EFT Trial has now changed to 15 days

BUG 373602 - The EULA does not reference the new subscription licensing options

BUG 373648 - Customizations in GA Shadowfax do not carry over on upgrade (On upgrade, a backup is kept of the configuration, but not applied)

BUG 373669 - Using the advanced property UseLegacySFTP to enable older ciphers, the Negotiated SSH Ciphers report does not retrieve data.

BUG 374448 - Not receiving notifications that I have to validate the CAPTCHA first (before uploading files to Workspaces)