ICIAS2SendActionParams Interface

The ICIAS2SendActionParams interface allows you to create, modify, and retrieve AS2 Send File Event Rule Actions. (Dialog box equivalents appear below the table.) See also ICIAS2InboundSettings - AS2 Inbound Settings Interface, ICIAS2OutboundSettings - AS2 Outbound Settings Interface, and ICIAS2TransactionInfo - AS2 Transaction Information Interface.

interface ICIAS2SendActionParams : IDispatch

Example (VBScript):

If ActionStatement.Action.Type = AS2SendAction Then

Set AS2SendParams = ActionStatement.Action.Params

‘ Modify AS2 Send File parameters and assign them back to the action

ActionStatement.Action.Params = AS2SendParams

End If

The CIAS2SendActionParams co-class supports creation of the Send AS2 File Event Action. The co-class implements the ICIAS2SendActionParams interface.

Example (VBScript):

Set AS2Params = CreateObject("SFTPCOMInterface.CIAS2SendActionParams")

‘ Setup Send AS2 File parameters

‘ . . .

Rule.AddActionStatement(0, AS2Params)


Used to specify the AS2 proxy type.

EFT v7.4.9 and later

Dialog Box Equivalents