ICIActionStatement Interface

The ICIActionStatement interface allows you to make changes to the Event Rule settings. (See also ICIBackupActionParams - Backup Action Parameters.)

interface ICIActionStatement : ICIEventRuleStatement

Example (VBScript):

If ActionStatement.Action.Type = BackupAction Then

Set BackupParams = ActionStatement.Action.Params

‘ Modify backup parameters and assign them back to the action

‘ . . .

ActionStatement.Action.Params = BackupParams

End If

ICON_Info.gif "Function" indicates that the member is a method; "Property" indicates that it is a property.

Retrieves or specifies the action.


[out, retval] IDispatch** ppdispAction);

EFT v5.2 and later

Retrieves or specifies what occurs if the Event Rule fails.

HRESULT FailSection(

[out, retval] IDispatch** ppdispActions);

EFT v5.2 and later

(read-only); Retrieves or specifies the type of Event Rule statement (action or conditional).

EFT v5.2 and later