ICIBackupActionParams Interface

Use ICIBackupActionParams::Folder to create, modify, and retrieve the Backup Server Configuration Event Rule Action. (See also ICIActionStatement Interface.)

interface ICIBackupActionParams : IDispatch


Retrieve or specify the path to the folder to store the backup archive.

HRESULT Folder([out, retval] BSTR* pVal);

HRESULT Folder([in] BSTR newVal);

EFT v6.1 and later

Examples (VBScript):

If ActionStatement.Action.Type = BackupAction Then

Set BackupParams = ActionStatement.Action.Params

‘ Modify backup parameters and assign them back to the action

‘ . . .

ActionStatement.Action.Params = BackupParams

End If

The CIBackupActionParams co-class supports the creation of the Backup Server Configuration Event Rule Action. The co-class implements ICIBackupActionParams interface.

Set BackupParams = CreateObject("SFTPCOMInterface.CIBackupActionParams")

‘ Setup backup parameters

‘ . . .

Rule.AddActionStatement(0, BackupParams)


MsgBox "Configuration snapshot will be stored in " & BackupParams.Folder


BackupParams.Folder = "C:\Temp"