ICIManualIPAccessRule Interface

The ICIManualIPAccessRule interface represents an IP address access rule that was added manually.

Example (VBScript):

rules = oServer.GetIPAccessRules()

For Each key In rules

If key.type = 0 Then

WScript.echo "AutoBan"

End if

If key.type = 1 Then

WScript.echo "Manual " + key.address

WScript.echo "Added " + key.added

WScript.echo "Allow " + key.allow

End if




Retrieves the IP address.

HRESULT Address([out, retval] BSTR* pbzAddress);

EFT v6.3.0 and later


Retrieves the date when the IP access rule was added.

HRESULT Added([out, retval] DATE* pdAdded);

EFT v6.3.0 and later


Retrieves whether the IP access rule is a permission or ban.

HRESULT Allow([out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* pbAllow);

EFT v6.3.0 and later

Retrieves the type of the rule.

HRESULT type([out, retval] IPAccessRuleType* pVal);

EFT v6.3.0 and later

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