ICIODBCAuthManagerSettings Interface

The ODBC Authentication Manager Settings interface members are listed below. See also ICISites - Multi-Site Management.

interface ICIODBCAuthManagerSettings : IDispatch{

For an example using these properties, refer to the ODBC Authentication script in Script Examples.


Retrieves or specifies how often to refresh the user database.

HRESULT RefreshIntervalMinutes([out, retval] LONG* pVal);

HRESULT RefreshIntervalMinutes([in] LONG newVal);

EFT Server v6.3 and later

Retrieves or specifies the string used to connect to the user database.

HRESULT UserDatabaseConnectionString([out, retval] BSTR* pVal);

HRESULT UserDatabaseConnectionString([in] BSTR newVal);

EFT Server v6.3 and later

Dialog Box Equivalents

The ICIODBCAuthManagerSettings interface properties correlate to the following fields and controls in the EFT administration interface: