ICISite Interface

The ICISite interface represents an individual Site. (Refer to ICISites - Multi-Site Management to view/make changes to all of the Sites at once or to create a new Site.)

For example: Set Site = Sites.Item(0)

interface ICISite : IDispatch

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Scroll down for dialog box equivalents.

Members (Listed alphabetically)

Dialog Box Equivalents

The ICISite interface properties and methods correlate to the following fields and controls in the EFT administration interface.

Site > General Tab

Site RADIUS Settings

The ICISite RADIUS authentication properties correlate to the following fields and controls in the EFT administration interface:

Site RSA Configuration Setting

Site SAML (Web SSO) Settings

Site ODBC Settings

The ODBCSettings property correlates to the Use this user attribute as logon name setting in the Windows Authentication Options dialog box. Other substrings appearing in the string depend on settings in the Windows Authentication Options dialog box. For example, if Create a virtual folder pointing to the user's home folder as defined in his/her AD profile is selected, the "CreateVirtualHF=1" substring is present in the ODBCSettings string; if Create a physical folder under the site root folder using the user's login name is selected, the "CreateVirtualHF=1" substring is not present in the ODBCSettings string.


Site > Connections Tab


Site AS2 Setup Wizard

Site FTP Settings

Site SFTP Settings

Mobile Transfer Client Security

Site SSL Certificate Settings

These parameters also can be viewed/set in the Administrator interface on the Connections tab of the Site.

Site Connection Limits

Site IP Access Rules

Site Anti-flood/Hammer Settings


Site > Security Tab

User Account Details Template

Site Invalid login (Login Security) options

Site Banned File Types

The Site data security settings can be viewed or set in the administration interface on the Site's Security tab.

Site OpenPGP Security Settings

Site Groups

Site > Web tab (EFT v8 and later)

Folder sharing:


Send portal:



Drop-off portal:

Account Management:

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