ICITransferActionParams Interface

The ICITransferActionParams interface allows you to make changes to transfer-related Events, such as when a file is uploaded or downloaded. ICITransferActionParams is a top level IDispatch interface. ICIUploadActionParams and ICIDownloadActionParams are subclasses that inherited from the parent ICITransferActionParams IDispatch interface.

interface ICITransferActionParams : IDispatch

For an example using these properties, refer to the EventRuleCreation script in Script Examples.


Dialog Box Equivalents

The ICITransferActionParams interface properties and methods correlate to the following fields and controls in the EFT administration interface.

Advanced Options

Several API properties were introduced in EFT v6.2.10 with which you can specify the advanced options in a File Download or File Offload Event Rule Action. (To view the Advanced Options dialog box in the EFT administration interface, in the File Download Configuration wizard or the File Offload Configuration wizard, click Advanced.)

Copy/Move (Offload) Action Wizard