Remotely Administering EFT™ Using the API

You can remotely administer EFT using the API, but you must first copy the applicable DLL files to a folder on the remote computer and register SFTPCOMInterface.DLL on the remote computer using regsvr32 (described below).

Remote administration is not allowed after the trial expires if you do not activate the software.

Before you can connect from the remote Administrator, you must configure the Server. You must do this locally, on the EFT computer.

If you have configured remote administration, but are unable to connect to EFT, one or more of the following could be preventing the connection:

Copying Required DLL Files to the Remote Computer

Administering EFT remotely requires that you copy the following DLL files from the EFT computer to the computer that will be making the remote COM calls (depending on your needs, as indicated below).

*All DLL files should be copied to the same folder as the SFTPCOMInterface.dll and should not be moved after the SFTPCOMInterface.dll is registered using regsvr32.exe, as described below:

To register SFTPCOMInterface.dll

Regsvr32.exe SFTPCOMInterface.dll

For more information about the Registration Tool, refer to Explanation of Regsvr32 usage and error messages on the Microsoft Support site.

Below are several facts to consider regarding remote administration: