Script Examples

The following scripts provide examples to guide you in your own script design. Each script is named per its function. For example, the ConfigureAdminUser script can be used to configure an administrative user account. If you do not have the software to open or edit CS or VBS files, you can open the script in a text editor to review the script for details of how it works and edit it. If you need help with custom scripts, contact Globalscape Professional Services.

 Never use these scripts as is! These scripts are just examples. You must edit the scripts to reflect your environment (user accounts, passwords, paths, ports, and so on).

Each of the scripts described below is available in a ZIP file. The scripts are organized in the ZIP file by how it is to be used. (e.g., CreatUsers.cs is in the Users folder.) Do not double-click the script file to open it. Double-clicking will cause it to execute. Instead, right-click the file then click Open with and select your text editor of choice, or save it with a TXT extension, edit it in a text editor, and then save it with the CS or VBS extension.