Workspaces Settings

In addition to the ICIWorkspacePermissions and ICIWorkspace interfaces, Workspaces settings are also in the ICIServer,  ICISite, and ICIClientSettings interfaces, and enums. Also refer to the  ICIAddressBook interface.

In ICIServer:

In ICISite:

In ICIClientSettings:

  • In the Enum Reference:

  • Dialog Reference

    The labeled dialog boxes below indicate which Workspaces-related API objects map to the user interface.

    Client Connections Tab:

    Site Workspaces tab:

    Site Workspaces for Outlook tab:

    In EFT v7.3.3 - 7.3.5:

    In EFT v7.3.6; Outlook Tab replaced with Send Tab:

    In EFT v7.4.2: