ICIEventRule Interface

Use the ICIEventRule interface to make changes to the Event Rule settings.

interface ICIEventRule : IDispatch

Examples (VBScript):

'Add "If File name matches "*.txt" or "*.exe"" condition:

cond = Rule.AddIfStatement(0, FileName, Match, Array("*.txt", "*.exe"))

Set Params = Rule.GetParams

'rename rule

Set Params = Rule.GetParams

Params.Name = Params.Name & "_renamed"

Rule.SetParams Params

ICON_Info.gif "Function" and "Sub" indicate that the member is a method.

See alsoICIEventRules Interface, ICIEventAction Interface, ICIEventActions Interface, ICIEventInfo Interface, ICIEventRuleParams Interface.

HRESULT SetACL([in] IDispatch* pVal);

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