Registering Insight

New installations include a free 30-day trial. A license reminder is encountered every time you sign in during the trial. Please contact our sales team to obtain a license. Provide the license key at any time to activate Insight, or click Continue Trial to defer activation until later.

Internet access is required to register Insight. If no internet connection is detected, Insight will do a check to see if the serial number is valid (well formed) and if so, it will write an entry to the registry. Upon startup, if Insight detects that registry entry, it will identify itself as activated and continue operating as normal, as if it had been activated online.

If you don't register the product after 30 days, the trial will expire, the Continue Trial button will not be available, and you will be unable to use the product.

To activate Insight

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Last modified: May 07, 2019 at 4:43 PM